Please contact me either by phone or email and we can make arrangements for you to get your top to me--whether you're shipping, dropping off, or in some cases, I can pick up.

Quilt Top:
Please be sure to have your quilt pressed well, and all loose threads clipped and removed.  

For the backing, please be sure that any seams are pressed open and it is pressed well.  The backing must be at least 3 inches larger than the quilt on each side to load onto the longarm.  

I haven't built up a stock of batting yet, so you can bring me your batting of choice, or you can tell me what you want and I'll get the batting for you.  I can quilt with polyester, cotton, or a blend-type batting.  I've quilted thicker polyester battings with no problem, so I don't have any rules as far as batting goes!

The batting also needs to be at least 3 inches larger than the quilt on all sides.


Large Panto or Edge to Edge:  $.012 (Large loops, stippling, or other large edge to edge)

Edge to Edge:  (All over simple design or simple pantograph smaller than large panto above) $ .015

More complicated Edge to Edge or Panto:  $.017 - $.02

Custom Quilting starts at $.02 and goes up from there, depending on difficulty or quilting density.

Quilt piecing and binding services are available as well.  Contact me for pricing!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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folksmith said...


I have a quilt i would like to send to you. if you don't mind, could you get the batting for me? i'm not quite sure what to use for the batting, so anything you might like to use if fine with me, nothing expensive, Warm and Natural or a polyester is fine.

thanks, karen