Wednesday, July 9

Little Alien

**A note to begin with:  I'm now taking customer quilts--see the notice on the sidebar for opening specials!**

So, I have my tension problems fixed (crossing fingers here), and I got started with a quilt for my dear friend Michelle.

Her oldest daughter is having a baby (like, this week maybe!), and she sewed up the most adorable baby boy quilt I've ever seen!

Isn't it that just the most darling thing, ever?  She appliqued all the planets and words and monster on the pieced background.  My kids couldn't stop drooling over it, and my little boy kept trying to steal it!

I quilted a different pattern in each different fabric.  I think the quilting turned out really nice!  I especially love the swirls in the blue, and the design in the yellow polka dot above.

I used a 40 wt polyester thread that is so soft.  It left the quilt just as soft as it was before it was quilted.

I did pebbling in all the other polka-dot fabrics.

I love the swirls!

She chose minky for the back.  I love looking at the back!  It's so fun to look at, and shows the quilting a little better.

My daughter Ari helped me to photograph it.  Don't you love her snow boots in the middle of summer?

Michelle bound it and sent me a couple of pictures so I could show it all finished.  I think the green finishes it off perfectly!

She surprised her daughter with it at her baby shower!

What a cute mommy!  We're so excited for her to have her baby!!

Thanks for letting me quilt this for you Michelle!  It was so much fun!

Tuesday, July 8

A love/hate relationship

I suppose it's time I get on the ball and start posting about what I've been doing this last month!

To tell the sad truth, I've been having lots of problems with tension on my longarm, and it's been really discouraging!  The kind of discouragement that drives you to the floor, flat on your back, in tears--while asking yourself why you ever bought yourself a longarm in the first place!

My tension problems started while I was quilting this quilt.

I finally had to admit defeat and pulled it off to put a practice quilt on again until I figured out my problems.

Yes, I need much more practice!
My husband yelled at me for being so stubborn.  I didn't want to call customer service!  I just wanted to figure it out for myself!  I'd been through 3 whole days of training, and I was convinced that I could do it on my own.

I finally realized I couldn't do it on my own so I called my sweet dealer Renae, then ABM customer service.  After an embarrassingly short 5 minutes, my problems were solved and I realized that I wasn't setting my bobbin tension high enough.  Dumb.  Actually, I'm dumb that I didn't. call. earlier.  Three weeks of agony that were solved in 5 minutes.

Just like my husband reminds me.  Nice.

So, happy days have returned, and I love my machine once again!

I've finished a couple of cute quilts since then, and I'll post about them starting tomorrow!

Sunday, June 1

Fresh Sewing Day!

This last month has been a crazy one, as I talked about in my last post.  I got my longarm, and I'm just trying to settle in and get used to it, and get my business started up!

I've been doing lots of doodling on a whiteboard, just to get my mind used to the ways some of the designs flow.  This:

Turned into this:

I thought it turned out pretty well, but turning this into actual stitches on the longarm is a different story!

I've been doodling on a scrap quilt, but for some reason, it just leaves me feeling a little uninspired.  I decided that I'd just start out with some of my quilts that I've had hanging around for forever!

This quilt comes from a little stack of blocks that I've had for about two years in my closet.  They're leftovers from this quilt that I made for a friend.

I love the yellow and grey combination, and I thought I'd try to arrange it into somewhat of a pattern, other than just being random blocks.  We'll see how it turns out!

This is what I've got so far, and I'm liking it!

Thanks for stopping by!  

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Lily's Quilts
Lily's Quilts

Tuesday, May 27

My Crazy, Busy Spring!

My life has been a whirlwind lately!  It's been such a crazy, busy spring around here that I've barely had time to think!

My longarm finally came!  Actually, she's been here for over a month and I can't believe I haven't even blogged about it!

While we waited for my longarm to GET HERE, I had lots of work to do to get my new sewing room ready!  My husband has been finishing a few rooms in our basement, and he got busy getting mine finished.

He's done all the work in our entire basement other than the framing, which was already finished when we moved in.  The wiring, sheetrocking, taping, texturing, building the closets, and putting up doors and trim have all been his own work.  I'm so proud of him because he's so talented and has done a really great job!  It's really nice to have a handy guy around!

He designed and built my closet, plus two more down in the basement for our older daughters' rooms.

After he's finished with his work down there, the deal was that I would do all the painting!  I really don't know how or why I agreed to that, but I guess it's only fair, right?

Painting closets is horrible, tedious, agonizing work, let me just say!  The last time we finished a basement (we moved from that house 3 months after we got it all finished.  Sad!), my husband did all the painting, because I was pregnant and he didn't feel like I should be around all the paint fumes.  So, I got spoiled!  This time, no chance!  We I painted the closet a bright white, and I decided to paint my sewing room Behr Pearl Grey.

Sorry for the bad phone pics!  Ugh!

It turned out to be a really nice purpley-grey color.  I was a little scared after the first coat, so I mixed in about 2 cups of white to the gallon, which now I wish I hadn't done.  I'm just a little scared of color on the wall!  Silly me.  I still really like the color, which the photo above doesn't do any kind of justice to!  I'll get some better pictures and get them up here soon!

I got my sewing room finished just in time for my machine to arrive!

She came in these crates, and actually one got lost in transit somewhere, which was agonizing to have to wait longer than I expected I'd have to, and not know when exactly it was going to show up!  After the truck finally came, the poor driver almost dropped the big box off the liftgate!  I had to swallow my heart, to say the least!

I had to wait a couple of more days before my husband could help me put it together...well, before he could put it together.  I helped a little bit, mostly holding things up and running to get things that he needed.

We worked that Friday night until about 11, got up and started at it again at 10 am Saturday, and I finally had a quilt on by 10:00 that night!  A marathon, but we did it!

My machine is an 18" Innova with a 12 foot table.  It BARELY fits in the room, with just a little bit of space on the side by the closet for me to walk around to get to the back of the table.

These last few weeks I've been squaring up my leaders, doodling around a little bit, going to HMQS, and spending three days in longarm training with my dealer!

I have more to post on all that!

How has your spring been?