Tuesday, July 8

A love/hate relationship

I suppose it's time I get on the ball and start posting about what I've been doing this last month!

To tell the sad truth, I've been having lots of problems with tension on my longarm, and it's been really discouraging!  The kind of discouragement that drives you to the floor, flat on your back, in tears--while asking yourself why you ever bought yourself a longarm in the first place!

My tension problems started while I was quilting this quilt.

I finally had to admit defeat and pulled it off to put a practice quilt on again until I figured out my problems.

Yes, I need much more practice!
My husband yelled at me for being so stubborn.  I didn't want to call customer service!  I just wanted to figure it out for myself!  I'd been through 3 whole days of training, and I was convinced that I could do it on my own.

I finally realized I couldn't do it on my own so I called my sweet dealer Renae, then ABM customer service.  After an embarrassingly short 5 minutes, my problems were solved and I realized that I wasn't setting my bobbin tension high enough.  Dumb.  Actually, I'm dumb that I didn't. call. earlier.  Three weeks of agony that were solved in 5 minutes.

Just like my husband reminds me.  Nice.

So, happy days have returned, and I love my machine once again!

I've finished a couple of cute quilts since then, and I'll post about them starting tomorrow!

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Karen M said...

Oh my gosh. You sound sooo like me. I described nearly the same thing in my last blog post. I have been long arming less than a year and still have sooo much to learn. Thanks for sharing.