Friday, August 22

Customer Quilts

I can't believe that the summer is almost over and school is starting soon!  My kids don't go back to school until September 3, but with stories of everyone going back, the summer does really feel like it's over.  Sometimes the anticipation of it gets so bad for me, I almost wish that we'd go back sooner....almost!!

I've been busy trying to finish a wave of quilts so I can spend some time with my kids and get them ready for school before it starts.

I quilted these two cute quilts for a sweet lady named Gay--my husband's aunt.  She was my very first customer, and started bringing me quilts when she heard I had gotten a longarm.

She is adorable and makes adorable quilts.  This quilt is for a great-grandchild of hers.

Gay doesn't like heavy quilting, and she likes PUFFY quilts, so that's what I gave her!  I found the highest loft poly batting I could find, and then doubled it on this quilt.  It's a seriously puffy quilt.

For her blocks, she painted pictures of little animals with fabric paint.

I stitched around each animal, then around each block, and did some loopy-loops in the inner borders.  I stitched in the ditch in the outside borders and left them plain.  Simple!

I think this little duck is just adorable!

It's such a fun, happy quilt!  It will be a super soft and cuddly quilt for a lucky baby!

This second quilt was made by Gay as well.  Like I said, she doesn't like heavy quilting, so I tried to keep it simple.

It's whimsical and cute.

I crosshatched each block, and quilted some fun designs in the borders.  Simple, and cute.  Now that I've had time to rethink it, I probably should have done something else in the outer border.  Something a little more whimsical, like hearts or something.  Oh well, I still like that outer border, and I'll be using it again.

And, a view of the back is always fun to see!

This was a BIG quilt.  88 x 110.  And, I just noticed that I missed a line...oops!  I'll have to get it back from her and fix that!  Luckily, she's local!

I have lots more pictures of finished quilts--I'll share more in another post!  Thanks for taking a look!

If you're interested in having me quilt a quilt for you, I'm offering 50% off through September, and I'll ship your quilt back to you free!

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Ann X said...

The second quilt looks stunning - like a classic one and not at the same time. Really like it and the neat quilting... Makes me envious.