Friday, November 7

A Dino Baby Quilt

 My sister-in-law Joanne was expecting her second grandchild last month, and she made this darling baby quilt for him.

I was so excited that she asked me to quilt it for her!

She chose the thread and the design and asked me to quilt it.  Pebbles in the smaller squares, and a big swirl in the larger squares.

She chose black minkee for the back.  The quilting shows up really well on it!

I love minkee for quilt backings!  It makes a quilt so soft and cuddly!  I've heard lots of people say that minkee is really hard to work with, and it can be (I've tried to bind a quilt with minkee, and I don't recommend it!!), but it's super simple to work with on a longarm!

I was so excited to quilt this for the newest little edition to our family!

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