Thursday, November 6

Annalee's Quilt

I'm a bit behind on my quilts that I've finished and featured here on my blog!

My friend Annalee asked me to quilt this fun herringbone quilt about two months ago.

She asked me to quilt a wood grain pattern on it to match the wood grain fabric in the blocks and the border.

Ummm....I hadn't ever quilted wood grain before, so I needed to do some research to find out exactly how to do that!

Luckily, I found a few images and blog posts featuring this pattern, so I looked for a bit, taking some of those ideas and evolving it into my own style, practiced on paper for a few minutes, and then went for it!

It's just some organic lines with some knots and forks here and there.  It was such a fun pattern to quilt, and I think it turned out so awesome!

She had a brown chevron minkee for the back, which makes the quilt so thick and cuddly!

Thanks for letting me quilt this fun quilt, Annalee!

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Lisa J. said...

The woodgrain looks great.