Friday, May 16

Bloggers Quilt Festival:: The Circle Quilt!

Hello everyone! If you're stopping by from the Blogger's Quilt Festival, welcome! I am so excited to show you my very first Blogger's Quilt Festival Quilt.  I also have a second quilt entry, Daisy Dance.

I call it The Circle Quilt.  My naming skills are super, aren't they!

This quilt is actually one that I started YEARS ago.  I bought all the fabric at a little quilt shop in Laramie, Wyoming about 8 years ago when we were living there.

I planned it to be a quilt for our King. Sized. Bed.  It was my first experience with curves.  What was I thinking??  By the time I'd gotten just these blocks done, I was done with curves!  I should have finished it then, but I was so burned out by all those curves, I think I hated the quilt and so I put it away for a few years.

I pulled it out about two years ago, made a decision to put the red borders on, put them on, and put it away again.  

I finally put my foot down with myself and got it quilted before Christmas last year.  It's been a snuggle quilt in my living room since then.

I backed the quilt in a brown damask flannel that I had hanging out in my stash.  I figured I've been at this quilt for so long, I didn't want to spend my precious fabric resources on anything more for it!  So, the brown it is.  I think it works fine!

I quilted it on my lovely friend's (Diana) longarm, who is always so kind to let me come over and quilt!  I have so much appreciated that!

I quilted with a shiny gold thread that blended on some parts, and really stood out on other parts of the quilt.  I used a circle ruler to make circles in the blocks, and piano keys in the border.

 The quilting's not perfect by any means, but it was my first experience with rulers on a longarm!  It's not as easy as the pros make it look!

This is my favorite block.  I love the red on the outside of the circle, and I LOVE the way it pops in the quilt!

See it up there?  I love it.

Now that it's finished, I've fallen back in love with my quilt!  I love how the reds just pop!  Even though the fabrics are really old and obscure now, I just love how they all work together.

And thanks to my photo buddies, who I eventually lost to activities that were more fun to them. 
Lawn mowing, fun?  I don't get it! 

He mowed down my field of daisies too.

Ok, yes, they're dandelions.  Which my husband hates, but I thought the yellow was pretty up against my red quilt.

This quilt measures 59" X 69".  Perfect size for cuddling!

Thanks for stopping by to see my quilt!  My blog is new and a little sparse, but I'll be adding lots of exciting things in the future!

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Cille said...

Great design - love all the movement your quilt has

Marly said...

Really beautiful. Well worth taking taking it out of store and finishing it. Well done.

Malu said...

I just love your quilt. And circles are always worth the effort. The size is perfect to have it on the sofa. And I love the way you arranged the blocks. Now I also have to try those rings.

Kate said...

Beautifully done! Love the colors, it's a fun and dynamic quilt.

CitricSugar said...

Absolutely lovely - your curves may have been a trial but they look perfect. :-)

Sally Hurley said...

So pretty. I like the pattern and your choice of colors. Nice work.

Sandra Walker said...

Hi Diane,
Visiting from the Linky in the Large Quilt Category. Your quilt really caught my eye - great colours, and I LOVE circle patterns, free-form ones though, much more forgiving! I have a quilt in this category too, and will post my second entry tomorrow. Like you, I'm a new blogger, pretty new on my longarm, and first-time contestant (LOL) in this fest! Love your sense of humour too!